Sensimedia - Dubstep & Bass
  Sensimedia was established in June of 1999 with the goal of promoting urban music and culture through multimedia and interactivity. The website featured exclusive 'urban' content (interviews, mixes, photos, etc.), live chat and internet radio. We would cover concerts and events and interview different artists to keep things fresh and exciting, adding to the already massive media content at our disposal. The early days of the site included weekly radio shows by DJ Knockz (The Basement Mix), Ghetto Fabulous Sound (The Garage), both of Toronto, and Scarhead (Jahcuban) of Miami. With live guests like Wayne Wonder and Blessed, and special guest DJ appearances by Black Chiney and DJ Wiz among others, these shows were always a can't-miss event. Our three stations at this time were Roots Reggae, Dancehall Reggae and Hip-hop.


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