Prog Palace Radio
  We are Progressive Rock, Metal and Power Metal Station. Streaming 24/7 and live and prerecorded shows from 4 different DJs.
Sundays 9AM-12PM (Live) The Prog Chronicles- Hosted by Jennifer Houston playing the best in progressive rock.
Wednesdays 7PM-11PM (Live) The Slacker Initiative- Hosted by DJ DetroMental playing just about anything in metal. Comes complete with a horn section too.
Thursdays 7PM -11PM (Prerecorded) The Progressive Disorder- Hosted by Frank Remington playing the best of prog & power metal.
Saturdays 7PM-11PM (Live) The Prog Metal Show- Hosted by Greg Stafford this is your weekly dose of PMS. Featuring the latest releases in progressive rock, metal and power metal music. With interviews, guests, and even listener call-ins.


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